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  • کارگردان :K.C. Bokadia نویسنده :K.C. Bokadia , Anwar Khan , B.M.B. Pictures
  • امتیاز IMDB :3.2 رده سنی :مشخص نشده !
  • ستارگان :Amitabh Bachchan , Manisha Koirala , Shilpa Shetty
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داستان فیلم درباره لال سینگ ( آمیتاباچان ) است که به دلیل احترامی که مردم برای او قائل اند لقب لال پادشاه را برای او برگزیدند، لال پادشاه فردی است که به مبارزه با جرم و جنایت و دفاع از حق فقیران میپردازد که در این راه با مشکلات و اتفاقات زیادی مواجه میشود….
Lal Singh (Amitabh Bachchan) lives with his mother (Nirupa Roy) in a small basti in Bombay, grows up with the poor and needy. He is called Lal Badshah by the people he lives among. Lal is a very helping person and dead set against crime. In the same city lives Vikram Singh alias Vicky Baadshah (Raghuvaran) who is the Don of the city always clashing with Lal Baadshah. Vicky is the son of Dayal Singh (Amrish Puri) who lives far away from Mumbai in a castle. Vicky & his brother Ajit Singh (Mukesh Rishi), a corrupt police officer want to rule the city. Meanwhile, Lal meets Kiran (Manisha Koirala), an L.I.C. agent who falls in love with him & is determined to become his wife. At the castle, Dayal Singh is still hunting for the treasures of the Maharaja, whom he murdered years ago along with his brother Sultan Singh (Prem Chopra). When the Maharaja was murdered, his son, Dewan Ranbir Singh (also Amitabh Bachchan) hid the treasure, for which Dayal Singh tried to murder him. What is the link ... Written by gavin@sunny_deol2009@yahoo.com
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  • کارگردان :Shukla Barnali Ray نویسنده :Shukla Barnali Ray , Cinema Capital Venture Fund , Sunshine Pictures
  • امتیاز IMDB :4.4 رده سنی :مشخص نشده !
  • ستارگان :Shefali Shah , Om Puri , Rahul Bose
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زنی بعد از اینکه از شوهرش خسته میشود تصمیم میگیرد که…
Kuchh Luv Jaisa is a story about a house wife, Madhu (Shefali Shah), who gets ditched by her husband (Sumit Raghavan) and kids on her birthday which happens to come once in four years, Feb 29. Now Madhu is left with two options as she can either choose to sit at home and sulk, pity herself for the next four years or reinvent her boring, mundane life into an exciting one and take a grip over it. She eventually decides to head out and enjoy her birthday according to her whims and fancies. She splurges her husband's money in an unusual way. She shops for clothes, gets a makeover at an expensive parlour and above all buys a car! It is an unusually fun filled day for her until she meets Raghav (Rahul Bose), a criminal on the run who is trying to mingle with the 'normal' crowd posing as an undercover agent so that he can escape the cops. A ditzy and happy-go-lucky Madhu runs into Raghav at a coffee shop where he is planning his next move and in this process a casual conversation begins. ... Written by TOI
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  • کارگردان :Milind Ukey نویسنده :Aseem Arora , Aseem Arora , Ashwagandha Entertainment , Swami Samartha Creations
  • امتیاز IMDB :5.0 رده سنی :مشخص نشده !
  • ستارگان :Rati Agnihotri , Neelima Azim , Rohit Bakshi
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داستان فیلم در مورد دختری یک سیاسمتدار است که عاشق پسر یک افسر پلیس بازنشسته شده ولی اختلافات بین پدر هایشان مشکلاتی برایشان بوجود می آید
The story revolves around the daughter of a politician who is in love with the son of a retired IAS officer but her lover is killed by her brother due to their status difference. The struggles of the family who lost their son and that of the lover who has to fight against her own family for justice in a corrupt system forms the rest of the movie. Written by Hamaad Qureshi
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